Plastics Foils

Due to the limited oil resources, renewable raw materials will play a dominant role in the future.
Come closer to the future and try our PLA foil.

Bernd Egger, Managing Director

Plastics Foils

Individual solutions.
That means for us, to develop and implement with you, a tailor-made multilayer foil to your request.

Radim Kobosil, Sale Czech Republic / Slovakia

Plastics Foils

Polycarbonate - a foil for extreme demand! This foil has a high impact strength, scratch resistance and great heat stability. Convince yourself of our excellent quality.

Andreas Kotsch, Sale South Europe

PC foils

Polycarbonate (PC) is a thermic and mechanic highly resistant plastic with excellent transparency. It is a suitable foil for extreme high demand of impact strength and scratch resistance, and heat-stability. Applications are foils for digital- and laser printing, membrane keypads, foil membranes and heat-stable thermoforming articels.

Thickness: 200 µ-1000 µ
Width maximum: 800 mm (foil/sheets)
Length maximum: 1400 mm
Core: 76, 152, 200 mm
Colours: on request!
Recycling: We store your grind until you need it, buy it back at current market prices or rework your scrap economically.

PC sheets


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