Technical Plastics

A closed reycling-circle allows a cost optimization for your product and an environmentally friendly dealing with our raw material resources. We deliver fully recyclable products!

Bernd Egger, Managing Director

Technical Plastics

Besides optics and UV-behavior, functionality such as conductivity, and fire protection plays an increasingly important role. We offer a solution tailored to your needs.

Radim Kobosil, Sale Czech Republic / Slovakia

Technical Plastics

The choice of colour and surface allows you and your endproduct many possibilities of design and an unique appearance.

Andreas Kotsch, Sale South Europe

ABS (Acryl Nitril Butadien Styrol)


ABS raw material is a colourless to gray solid material. It has a high surface hardness (so it is for scratch-resistant, matt and glossy surfaces), also a good impact strength and a good resistance to oil. It can be glued with Methyl-Ethyl .Ketone (MEK) and dichloromethane (methylene chloride) (harmful). The temperature range is between a maximum temperature of 85 to 100 degrees Celsius.

Delivery Programm ABS sheets and rolls:

from 0.3 mm to 12.00 mm

  • glossy Type
  • semi matt Type
  • extra matt Type

Colours according to RAL, Pantone, NCS, HKS possible.

ABS Co-extruded or 3-layer design:

  • Regrind Back- or Middle-layer
  • Bi-Colour
  • Decor (carbon, wood or technical designs)


  • High Temperatur Resistant


  • Mono
  • Co-extruded with ABS
  • ASA/PC Blend


from 2.00 mm to 12.00 mm

  • coloured PMMA surface
  • matt PMMA surface
  • glossy PMMA surface - only with fine grain possible!

ABS-flame retardant according to UL-standards:

from 1.6 mm to 12.00 mm

ABS/PC blend:

ABS/PC blend flame retardant according to UL-standard or DIN5510 part2

from 2.00 mm to 8.00 mm

ABS regrind:

  • Anthracite/Black
  • Colour-Stripe-Coding
  • Co-extruded one or both sides with ABS virgin material
  • White and bright colours on request
UV-Stabilisator: Improvement of the UV-Stability of colours (short term)
Surface: Select from 9 different grainings!
Recycling: We store your scrap until you need it, buy it back at current market prices or rework your scrap economically.

We look forward to your request!

ABS Decor





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