Technical Plastics

A closed reycling-circle allows a cost optimization for your product and an environmentally friendly dealing with our raw material resources. We deliver fully recyclable products!

Bernd Egger, Managing Director

Technical Plastics

Besides optics and UV-behavior, functionality such as conductivity, and fire protection plays an increasingly important role. We offer a solution tailored to your needs.

Radim Kobosil, Sale Czech Republic / Slovakia

Technical Plastics

The choice of colour and surface allows you and your endproduct many possibilities of design and an unique appearance.

Andreas Kotsch, Sale South Europe

HD-PE (Polyethylen)


High stiffness and toughness, chemical resistance against special acid, alkalis and oils. Very good electrical insulating characeristics. Low water absorption and low surface-hardness.
Temperature range is between -50 °° up to + 80 °C. Maximum temperature 100° C for a very short time.

Delivery Programm: HDPE sheets and rolls:

Material Type Colour Strength
HDPE Virgin natur/black 1,00-12,00 mm
HDPE Regrind anthracite/black 1,00-12,00 mm


  • Machine glossy
  • Grained
  • UV stabilisation
  • Anti-static
  • Conductive
  • Co-extrusion one-sided, double-sided
  • Softtouch
  • Colour-Stripe-Coding


Virgin Material is available in a variety of colours (RAL, Pantone, NCS, etc.).


All Types of Regrind or mixes from regrind in black or anthracite available. Colours are available on request! Also in co-extruded form available with virgin Material on one or both sides, middle layer out of Regrind


  • vehicle engineering and mechanical engineering
  • Toy- and Gameindustry
  • Hobby and horticulture
  • Solar industry
  • Construction industry (Insulation)
  • Electro and laboratory technology
  • Packaging industry (container)


Select from 3 different grainings


We store your scrap until you need it, buy it back at current market prices or rework your scrap economically.

We look forward to your request!

HD-PE Regrind

HD-PE with UV-Stabilizer


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