Transparent Plastics

The sheets are easy to mold and have a high
UV resistance. This makes them perfect also for
countless applications outside.

Bernd Egger, Managing Director

Transparent Plastics

We create ideas!
Sheets from PET-G are easy to thermoform, are printable in silk-screen printing procedure, have a high chemical resistance and are safe for food applications.

Radim Kobosil, Sale Czech Republic / Slovakia

Transparent Plastics

Poster Protection with a pure conscience!
The freedom of using Halogen and the Fire Retardant behavior protect our enviroment at the manufacturing and recycling.

Andreas Kotsch, Sale South Europe

Transparent Plastics

Thanks to the high level of transparency, the light weight and excellent formability of transparent plastics have become indispensable from a variety of industries.

We offer a wide range of transparent plastics. Depending on the applications there are different needs of characteristics.






Typical Applications are:

  • Displays, showcases and other publicity material at sales points
  • Machinery protection
  • Moulds
  • Dispensing and recreational machines
  • Signs and signals
  • Protective shields
  • Security glazing
  • Construction components
  • Walls and ceilings
  • Covering panels
  • Warehouse panels
  • Caravan bodywork panels
  • Any industrial application that requires thermoforming


Compentence, rapidity and reliability build the base for our work Europe-wide.

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